Associate Membership

If you have an interest in international trade law, the development of harmonized trade laws in our region and globally or in being part of UNCCA you may be able to become an Associate Member of the UNCCA.

Who is eligible?

An associate membership would be available to any practitioner, academic, student or anyone retired from the work force who has an interest in being part of UNCCA and its news and events who does not qualify to be a fellow and hold that title.

What are the benefits?

The associate membership entitles you to gain access to a comprehensive range of discounts, benefits and opportunities. These include:

  • Inclusion on the mailing list
  • Exclusive invites at a discount (at member rates) to a range of UNCCA EVENTS including, CPDs and visiting international speaker events
  • Exclusive invites to the UN day events
  • Opportunity to join and contribute to the relevant EAC groups for each Working Groups
  • Opportunity to work on international papers to be published


Associate Membership (non-student and retirees): $75.00

Students and Retirees: $25.00

How to apply?

To apply for Associate Membership  please fill in the following form for UNCCA Associate Membership.

If you have any questions about getting involved with UNCCA, please contact UNCCA at: