Students and UNCCA

UNCCA recognises the importance of law students developing their understanding of the work of UNCITRAL. The continued success of the work of UNCITRAL in Australia will depend on the support of the Australian legal community. To that end, students are encouraged to get involved in the activities of UNCCA.

Attend events: Student Fellowship

Student Fellows are essentially paid members of the association surrounding UNCCA. Student Fellowship will provide for invitation to UNCCA Events. For more information on Student Fellowship, please contact UNCCA Secretary, Prishika Raj.

Attend UNCITRAL Working Group meetings: UNLAWS

The UNCCA Law-Student Attendance Working-Group Scheme (UNLAWS) is an opportunity for a select number of law students to accompany Australian academics attending UNCITRAL working group meetings in Vienna or New York in 2016 and 2017. You can learn more about UNLAWS on our blog.

Intern overseas with UNCITRAL

Each year students complete internships with UNCITRAL. The selection process for these internships is managed by the United Nations. For more information, please see the UNCITRAL website.

Australian students are encouraged to consider internships with the Regional Centre for Asia and the Pacific, located in Incheon, Republic of Korea.


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