UNCCA Fellows

Vivienne Bath

Vivienne Bath is Professor of Chinese and International Business Law at Sydney Law School, Director of the Centre for Asian and Pacific Law and Director of Research of the China Studies Centre Research Committee at the University of Sydney. She has been a foundation member of UNCCA and is currently an UNCCA Director with particular interest in emerging UNCITRAL policy issues. Professor Bath has attended meetings of Working Group I and Working Group VI as an observer in Vienna in 2015. As part of  her teaching and research interests at the University of Sydney, Professor Bath regularly teaches courses on Chinese business and economic law, private international law and international business and commercial law. Recent publications relevant to the work of UNCITRAL and international trade law include: Burnett and Bath, Law of International Business in Australasia, Federation Press 2009; Bath, V, ‘Foreign investment, the national interest and national security – foreign direct investment in Australia and China,’  (2012) 34 Sydney Law Review 5-34 and Bath, V, ‘China and international investment policy – the balance between domestic and international concerns’ in Toohey, Picker and Greenacre (eds)  China in the International Economic Order: New Directions and Changing Paradigms (2015) Cambridge University Press, New York, 227-224.  Professor Bath speaks Chinese (mandarin) and German.

Alan Davidson

Dr Alan Davidson is a foundation board member of UNCCA and was appointed as a Fellow since its inception and is its Education Officer.  He has attended all Working Group IV (Electronic Commerce) meetings of UNCITRAL since UNCCA’s formation and in 2014 was appointed by UNCITRAL to the Expert Panel of Working Group IV recognising his contributions and expertise. Dr Davidson organised the UNCCA Law-student Attendance at Working-group Scheme (UNLAWS) to take groups of Law students to UNCITRAL Working Groups in New York and Vienna.  Dr Alan Davidson is a solicitor and barrister of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and of the High Court of Australia.  In 2006 he became a Fellow of the Institute of International Banking Law and Practice. He regularly speaks at the conferences for the Institute internationally. He has been an academic at the TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland for 2 decades, where he presents courses in International Trade Law, International Trade Finance Law, Banking Law and Electronic Commerce Law. He has been a visiting academic in the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and China.  His book Social Media and Electronic Commerce Law has been published in two editions by Cambridge University Press.

Dr Dalma R Demeter LLM, SJD, GCTE

Dr Dalma R Demeter is an academic and arbitrator with expertise in international dispute resolution and commercial law, who is a founding member and fellow of UNCCA since its 2013 creation. She has a regular presence at UNCITRAL events, having been invited to present at the Macau UNCITRAL Asia-Pacific Fall Conference in 2014 and UNCITRAL Emergence Conference in 2015, and at the UNCITRAL Rule of Law Panel in New York in 2016. She also attended the 49th Commission sessions in July 2016 and the Working Group II sessions in September 2016, as part of her visiting scholar status at the UNCITRAL.  As a full-time academic at the University of Canberra, Dalma is promoting the UNLAW program initiated by UNCCA and is assisting students attending various UNCITRAL sessions. As a researcher, Dalma is developing a large-scale research project on dispute resolution that is of interest to the UNCITRAL and has been invited to be presented at the UNCITRAL’s anniversary congress in 2017. As a founding partner of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre (www.adrcentre.com.au), Dalma is also involved in promoting UNCITRAL work and texts through the dispute resolution services and trainings ADRC provides in the Asia-Pacific region.

Michael Douglas

Michael Douglas is a Lecturer at Sydney Law School, the University of Sydney, where he teaches private international law and researches issues of international dispute resolution and media law. Originally from Western Australia, Michael began his career in litigation in Perth. He went on to teach private international law and equity at Curtin University before joining Sydney in 2016. Michael joined UNCCA’s executive committee in 2015, and became a director and fellow in 2016. As a graduate student, Michael interned at the Regional Centre in Incheon. In 2014 he presented in Macau at the UNCITRAL Asia-Pacific Fall Conference. He has been published with João Ribeiro, Head of the Regional Centre, on transparency in ISDS. Michael is a UWA Fogarty Foundation Scholar, and holds several degrees from the University of Western Australia.

Delcy Lagones de Anglim

Delcy Lagones de Anglim is one of the leading international ADR practitioners in Australia. Delcy graduated with Honours as a lawyer in her native Peru in 1988, specialising in international contracts and International arbitration.

Delcy worked as an International Trade lawyer before joining the United Nations in 1992. She currently works as a Dispute Resolution expert with the IFC/World Bank. Delcy is the author of two books on Mediation and Conciliation and writes regularly on these topics, including a chapter on the enforceability of Mediation agreements in “Global Trade Through the Harmonization of Laws”, published by UNCITRAL in November 2015. Delcy has been part of UNCCA since its inception in 2013. She is a foundaton Director and Fellow of UNCCA with particular interest and expertise in mediation and conciliation. Delcy is invited to speak regularly about ADR at international conferences and at the UNCITRAL conferences in Macau. Delcy has been instrumental in facilitating the adoption of UNCITRAL Model laws in the Asia Pacific region. She is the founder and Managing Director of the Australasian Dispute Resolution Centre. She speaks Spanish, English, French, Italian and basic Quechua, Portuguese and Khmer.

Michael Murray

Michael Murray is Principal at Murrays Legal. He is a lawyer, writer and provocateur on insolvency and reconstruction, personal bankruptcy and related business and social issues; government and professional regulation; and international insolvency and regulatory law.

Sara Rayment, LLM (QMUL), MCIArb

Sara Rayment is a Senior Associate at Sparke Helmore Lawyers where she specialises in international arbitration and complex commercial disputes. Sara is a director of UNCCA and has represented LAWASIA at meetings of Working Group III in New York and Vienna. She played an active role in the finalisation of Working Group III’s Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution which were adopted by UNCITRAL on 5 July 2016. Sara presented at the UNCITRAL Australia Seminar in May 2016 on the activities of Working Group III and the final text of the Technical Notes on Online Dispute Resolution. Sara is also a casual lecturer at the University of Newcastle where she assists students involved in UNCCA’s UNLAWS program which provides students with opportunities to participate in UNCITRAL Working Groups.